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Hotel caribe Wedding Packages and Information

Hotel Caribe is an ideal location for small- to medium-sized weddings. Although there are many beautiful spots for the ceremony, we recommend one that is truly special. In front of Cannon House, there is a wide area facing the bay and the open ocean with very impressive looking cannon as a centerpiece. The sunset can be seen from there and it is breathtaking.

It is a short walk to Lol-Ha Restaurant, our reception venue. We suggest having a Mariachi band start playing after the ceremony and continue to play while the wedding party walks to Lol-Ha. During the ceremony, there are various options for music. Once here, we can host a cocktail party with a choice of appetizers for approximately one hour, before your dinner. This is set up at the Beach Club area or the South Palapa, depending on the size of the wedding.

Build your perfect menu from the menus of our various dining outlets. Buffet style is most appropriate for groups that are larger than 50. We can serve up to 100 people.

If you have 40 guests or more, the entire restaurant can be closed off for your party as long as it is not on a holiday or special event has already been booked. There is a rental fee involved. The restaurant is ideal if you plan to have live music or a DJ for dancing.

If your party is less than 40 guests, we can offer the choice of private veranda seating or you can rent out the North Palapa of the Beach Bar.

A wedding coordinator of your choice handles all other details of the wedding including flowers, table settings and music. We can recommend several in the area.

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