Things to know before you arrive in Akumal

Emergency number: 911

Water supply: The tap water is not potable. Please use the purified drinking water supplied in each room. (All food service facilities use purified water only).

Tips on tipping: Our staff strive to give you the best service and they greatly appreciate tipping, since this is a major part of their income. The average tip at restaurants is 15% – 20%. We do not include the tip on your bill, except for groups of six or more people. Bell staff are generally tipped $1 for each bag. For maid service, we recommend around $2 per day, per room and more for condos and villas. When possible, please give the tip to the maid or maids directly.

Telephone: You may dial the front desk or dial another room from your room phone. Full instructions are by the phone. Others staying at the resort can reach your room by dialing 1 and the room number to bypass the front desk.

Internet Services: We have complimentary high-speed internet in all the rooms and Wi-Fi throughout the property including Lol-Ha.

Bracelets: The use of the bracelet will easily identify you with the attendant and with our security guards who are required to monitor the property.

Valuables: We strongly recommend you leave your valuables in your in room safe. Petty theft has been known to happen on the beach since it is open to the public and hard to patrol the entire area.

Beach Towels: If you need a beach towel, you may go to the front desk and leave a deposit per towel. Please don’t take bath towels from your room to the beach to avoid a fee.

Beach Chairs: Please show your room key or bracelet to the attendant on the beach.  If the attendant is not there, please be patient. He is probably taking chairs to someone else.

Security Boxes: Please use the security boxes in each room. We are not responsible for any missing items in your room. It is also your responsibility to lock your doors and windows when not in your room.

Electricity: The electrical supply in Akumal is a serviced by the Playa del Carmen Electrical Commission. From time to time, we do experience power failures. These are unfortunately beyond our control. In the event of a power failure, please follow the procedures below. Please turn off the fan and the air conditioner. This will protect the equipment in the event of a power surge. Power will be restored momentarily in the main hotel complex with our backup generator. Please note: The generator does not service the Cannon House nor The Half Moon Bay Condominium.

Reservation Policy

If you must cancel your reservation, the cost to you will be:
45-30 days prior to arrival, 20% of total cost (never less than 1 night).
30-21 days prior to arrival, 50% of total cost (never less than 2 nights).
Less than 21 days prior to arrival and after arrival – no refunds.
There will be no refunds for the reservations during Christmas, New Year & Easter weeks.
For your safety of mind, please purchase cancellation insurance. We do not reimburse for cancellations due to illness or other unforeseen causes.